Friday, November 25, 2011

Presents from Europe!

A few weeks ago, these came in for me from Ryan, who's currently in Europe. His family visited him there and he sent me these stuff.  So sweet, right? :) Oh, and some are pasalubong from his mom (Thanks Auntie!). 

I told him to send me postcards for every city he's been to. But he told me it's a bit expensive so he waited for his family to arrive there so they can take them home (haha). I can't believe Ryan will be back here in Manila a month from now! I'm sooooo excited!  



I don't know what this is called but let me just describe it to you. You turn the knob on the bottom and music plays. It's very nice and it plays the song "La vie en rose". I don't have any idea what it is or what that means. Probably be searching that on google.

Perfume. So cute!

Scented rosary. It smells of a certain flower (rose, maybe?).

Keychain from London.

Aaaaaand, another scarf!

Which one's your favorite? :)