Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bagful of Fun Pizza and Pasta Party


Parachute bags are eco-friendly convertible bags that are perfect every occasion. All bags are made of nylon, a lightweight material that is also used in making parachutes. They have backpacks that turn into tote bags, body bags and nursery bags, travel bags into messenger bags, and so much more. Click the link below to see pictures of some of the bags they offer. My personal favorite is the messenger/sling bag that turns into a huge travel bag. It would come in handy especially during shopping!

While I was going about my usual day, I was surprised to receive an invitation from Parachute bags to a pizza and pasta party at Woodfire Bistro, celebrating the launch of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I was running pretty late that afternoon because of the heavy traffic but it was such a relief that the event hadn't started yet when I arrived. I was glad to see some familiar faces but at the same time, was able to meet some new friends. After giving us demonstrations on how to convert the bags from one style to another, we were informed that it was time for the games! Nobody expected that there would be games considering that the place was not that spacious. We were asked to fold the bag into a pouch, and whoever finishes first wins. You see, the bag has to be neatly folded for it to be zipped in place. Congrats Tracy for winning! She was so fast compared to everybody else. I didn't stand a chance, haha. :)

Thank you for having me Parachute bags!
image-10 Why hello there, Alex! :)

image-1Some of the bloggers who graced the event: Ana, Paul, Ava, Arnie, Sarah, Tracy, Tin, Martha.


Thank you Gella for the photos!


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