Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teenage Dream

IMG_9967Remember my post dedicated to crop tops (a.k.a. midriff tops) some weeks ago? I believe I told you how much I wanted to have one for myself. But despite the overwhelming number of designs, fabrics, and cuts available in that style, I couldn't find at least one that fit the image in my head. This one turned up just as I was about to give up my quest to find the perfect one. :)

The next question was, what should I pair it with? Ideally, I would've chosen something conservative, a maxi skirt or a knee-length bodycon skirt perhaps. Then reality hit me and I realized I had neither. I settled with this skirt and decided to go for a black and white ensemble. Not bad, right?

P.S. I left the house with my skirt completely ironed but I was so shocked to see it in this state after getting off the car lol.

IMG_9988 IMG_9970 copy IMG_0001 Forever 21 top
H&M skirt
Rustan's sandals
Nine West bag


  1. Love everything about this outfit, including the accessories! And I hope to see that top again in some other ensembles, like you're talking about. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. So gorgeous, Alyssa <3


  3. Gorgeous! You look really sexy. ♥ I love your outfit :-)

    1. Thanks Rochelle! I'm sure you can pull off this look too! <3

  4. Midribs looks great on you! I guess you can join SM Stylista's Contest. You might win the spot!

    Goodluck. Thanks for joining!

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you! I was planning to join but I never had the time to buy stuff from SM Department Store. Haha. You should consider joining! :)


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