Monday, August 5, 2013

Trend To Try: Fitted Crop Tops and Bustiers

(Image source: Forever 21)

Ever since I saw this particular kind of crop top at store boutiques, I've been wanting to buy one for myself. It was a bit too revealing for me at first but as time passed, I mustered up the courage to find the perfect one and try it out. I prefer wearing mine with a high waisted knee length bodycon skirt, or with high waisted pants, showing just the right amount of skin. I think you might want to steer clear of very short shorts or skirts when wearing this kind of top to avoid looking skimpy, unless you're going to the beach or to a party where everyone's wearing the same lol.

The reason for this post is to give you ideas on how to mix and match that crop top or bustier that's been hiding in your closet for several weeks. It's about time to gather your courage and wear it outside! If you already have one and have been wearing it to various occasions, I hope I gave you even more outfit possibilities. And if you're that person who never had one, this is the perfect time to buy!

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(L-R: PersunMall, H&M, H&M)