Monday, August 4, 2014

Pizzeria Mozza


Behold, one of the best (or maybe the best) Italian restaurant in the world - Mozza! It is the brainchild of chefs Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali, and restauranteur Joseph Bastianich. There are two restaurants under the Mozza group - Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza. Osteria Mozza is fine dining while Pizzeria Mozza offers casual dining.

The branch in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore had the Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza adjacent to each other. There was a common entrance for both establishments. You'll see Pizzeria Mozza if you turn right and Osteria Mozza if you turn left. That time, I didn't know there were two different restaurants so I randomly went to the right entrance and found myself in Pizzeria Mozza.

The place was buzzing with people when we arrived. There were no tables available so we were initially given seats at the bar. Luckily though, a group cancelled their reservation and we were given our own table!

The photo above is a pizza containing burrata, slow roasted tomato, and Sicilian oregano. The pizza was a bit sour because of the tomatoes but I think it was meant to be that way. I don't usually eat tomatoes--I even remove them from burgers and sandwiches--but their tomatoes tasted so differently that I ate them all! And let's not get started on the pizza crust! It starts off thick at the outer portion and becomes thinner as you go inwards.

Read about my complete dining experience after the break.


As you can see on the menu, there are so many options to choose from! I was quite overwhelmed actually. I asked the waitress what their bestsellers were (trust me, there were a lot!) and chose the ones that sounded yummy lol.


Spinach, ricotta salata, lemon, pine nuts & anchovy - the best salad I've tasted ever! The combination of flavors is very exquisite and out-of-the-ordinary!


Since it was a Friday, they were serving Brodetto di Mare, and I ordered one as well.


The dish included fish, squid, shrimps, and clams on a rich tomato-based sauce. The fish was amazingly juicy and tender. The shrimps and clams were also good. But I think what made this dish exemplary was the sauce.


After eating at this restaurant, I couldn't stop thinking and talking about it! Lol. I'm very much impressed with the quality of the food. And all my orders turned out to be wonderful choices! This restaurant is very different from the Italian restaurants I've tried before. It can get a bit pricey though. If you're curious about the prices, you can check them out on the menu I posted above (prices in Singaporean dollar).


I was just thinking, if the food at Pizzeria Mozza tasted that good, how would the food be at the more upscale Osteria Mozza taste like? I shall find out the next time I visit!


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