Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bensimon DIY Event

Bensimon 6

Who doesn't love DIYs?

The answer? Me. I've never done a successful DIY project in my life (does wrapping my notebook in printed paper count? lol) and as much as possible, I avoid anything that requires creativity. All my life I had wished I knew how to draw, paint, and do arts and crafts (I can't even cut straight using scissors, believe it or not).

When I received the invite to customize my own Bensimon shoes at Common Thread, Power Plant Mall, I got pretty excited. I've never designed my own shoes before! I didn't really think of what I was going to do with my sneaks though. I held on to the idea that the design would just come to me on the day itself.

The day of the event came. I was already sitting on one of the benches in front of a big wooden table, but absolutely nothing came to mind. Being surrounded by bloggers who were all doing well with their designs made me scared. I had no choice but to seek help from the creative people at Craft MNL, and fortunately, they gladly helped out. They suggested using bleach (which I've never used before except in the laboratory as sodium hypochlorite--chemistry class lol) and patiently taught me how to apply it on the fabric of the sneakers.

Want to see what I ended up making? Click the button below!

Bensimon sneakers are available at Common Thread, Center of Gravity, Shoe Salon, and Shoe Thing (kids' styles). Prices range from P2,095 to P2,565 for the men's and women's line, and P1,295 to P1,795 for the kids' styles.


First step was to choose which color I wanted. I was looking for a size 40, but there weren't any. Size 39 was too small for me so I had to get the bigger one which was 41. (They fit perfectly, btw.) I chose brown because it can be worn with anything, and the color looked very classy.


There were so many ways you can customize the sneakers! There were paint, markers, pins, glue, beads, ribbons, and so much more! You could create almost anything you wanted with all the art materials they had!


Despite my extreme lack of creativity, I really enjoyed customizing my own sneakers. It was definitely a memorable first for me!


In the end, I was pretty impressed with the result! Although it looked like it was taken from a men's shoe line (a not-so-pretty one at that), I never really thought that I could create something like this. When I was done, people told me it looked like a real Bensimon design. I knew you guys were just being nice, but thanks. :)


After a week or so, when the smell of bleach was almost gone, I wore the pair for the first time. I was very happy I chose the color brown! The sneakers are so versatile that looking for clothes that would go with them would never be a problem, and they can even be worn with dresses!


What do you think of the pair I designed? Oh never mind, just keep your thoughts to yourselves. Lol.

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  1. Designing your own sneakers looked so much fun. I agree with them, it looks great! :)

    Got Bensimon here as well and it has the same price range. Are the shoes very comfortable? I'm curious to get my own pair too.

    Monique |