Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tickle Me Pink


Pink used to be my favorite color but now I avoid it as much as possible. I find it too girly, which is totally not my style. Very few shades of pink are acceptable for me (and hot pink is definitely not one of them!). I don't want anything that's too loud or too playful, which I guess reflects my personality.

This dress is one of the few pink pieces I have in my closet. I like the very pale pink, almost white color of the lace-ish detail but of course, not as much as my blacks and whites. What do you think of the dress?

IMG_0468 IMG_0373 IMG_0381 IMG_0438 IMG_0476 IMG_0482

Plains & Prints dress
Fioni wedges
Mango Touch bag

Photos by Ben Bigalbal


  1. great photo shoot, beautiful dress, you look lovely in pale pink, the barefoot shots are especially nice . . .

  2. The color suits you! :) I agree, hot pink doesn't go with your personality. Love the shots. Ben is a talented photographer.

    Monique |