Tuesday, June 10, 2014

College Recognition & University Graduation


I've been waiting so long for that moment when I would go up the stage to receive my diploma. But still, that day felt so surreal. Before I actually went up the stage, I was trying to run it through in my mind: go up a few steps, pause, take a bow--on the right spot, and not too low, walk a little--not too fast and not too slow, shake hands with school officials and receive the diploma--which hand should I use for what? Is my tassel in the right place? Is my medal facing the correct side? I was so nervous but when the moment came, everything went smoothly.

So to cap my college life, I would like to share some photos of me with my parents and my friends during the college recognition and graduation. (I was so happy on both days that a big smile was plastered on my face the whole time lol). I don't have a lot of photos with me, but I hope these would do. Thank you so much to everyone who became part of my journey! :)

IMG_0609 IMG_0613 IMG_0624 IMG_0634 IMG_0728 IMG_0742 IMG_0744 IMG_0747

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  1. How do you do it? :( What were your study habits and how do you manage to stay on top of everything? I love your blog!