Friday, June 20, 2014


2014 05 May0839

This particular day, at around 3pm, was the highlight of my Boracay trip. There was a sunset party at Station 1 so I, together with Ryan, met up with a couple of friends. We ate, talked, swam, and laughed. It was loads of fun! Later that afternoon, we bumped into more friends -- friends from school, friends from church, friends of friends, the list goes on! Almost everybody I know was in Boracay for that weekend. Too bad our flight was scheduled the next day, I would've loved to stay longer in that island! :)

2014 05 May0844 2014 05 May0853 2014 05 May0859

Forever 21 top
Marks & Spencer bikini
Bossini shorts
Banana peel slippers
Uniqlo sunnies

Photos by Phya Pineda

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