Thursday, June 5, 2014

Korea Day 3


Okay, to tell you the truth, we weren't able to take any photos on our third day. These photos were from our 4th day in Korea, but to avoid confusion, I decided to name this Day 3. This is the last of my travel posts from Korea, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did taking them! :)

The hotel we stayed in, Hotel Lotte, is located at the heart of Seoul. On its basement is the subway station, and across the road is Myeongdong, the ultimate shopping haven. The Seoul subway system is so convenient and well connected that you can go anywhere in the city just by riding the subway! So on our 4th day, we decided to take the subway to go to the places we planned on visiting, and boy, was it fun! We didn't get lost because there were signs in every direction--very tourist-friendly indeed!

Click the button below to see the different places we visited! :)

We had lunch at this quaint little restaurant in Insadong. The place wasn't visible from the main street and you had to pass through some small alleys to get there. Their mackerel was really good and the prices were pretty okay too!

We walked the entire length of Insadong, then rode the subway to Hongik University for some last minute shopping.


I have no idea what this hand gesture means. Anyone? Lol.

(The building behind me is the City Hall.)


Photo session with a palace guard.





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