Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills has got to be one of the coolest spots in LA. Posh architecture, paved sidewalks, palm trees along almost every road, perfectly maintained landscapes, and the beach just a short drive away -- what more could you ask for?

We spent two hours walking along the streets of Beverly Hills and taking photos, then proceeded to some shopping centers in the area to take a snack and do some quick shopping. We also had a good look at one section of the two-mile long Santa Monica Beach, sadly the Pier was still too far out to be seen.

It was a terribly windy afternoon, and the winds got even stronger as you went nearer the waters. I couldn't imagine how others could swim in this weather!

Paramount Pictures along Melrose Avenue!

H&M top
Pull & Bear shorts
Michael Kors bag
Nike shoes


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