Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bye LA

Our trip was almost coming to an end, the past two weeks felt so surreal and it was difficult for me to accept that I'd be back to reality in three days. Huhu. But instead of sulking around, we tried to maximize the remaining days we had left.

One of my greatest dreams since I was a kid was to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. I wouldn't really pass off that opportunity now that I'm here, would I? We ended early so we went exploring to get a good look at the Hollywood sign and ended up at Runyon Canyon Park. Unfortunately, we were still too far off and the Hollywood sign was not that visible. It was a good exercise walking up and down the hill though.

I was pretty disappointed with Universal Studios. The rides were too few, the queue were too long, and there just wasn't much to see. The one ride that made the visit worth it was the Studio Tour. We rode a tram for the entire 45 minutes while moving from one film set to another and being shown various props. A flash flood was conjured right before our very eyes, complete with wind, thunder and lighting.   We also witnessed an 8.3 magnitude earthquake at a subway station that looked so realistic. There were lots more that were shown in the Studio Tour! No matter how long the wait was, it was totally worth it!

This is the last of my US trip posts. I hope you enjoyed going through the photos and reading about my experiences as much as I did!

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